Hide-and-seek with silence

One late evening, walking near the house, I noticed a Playground that was covered fencing tape. Next to it was a sign: closed to the public. Next time the day I saw the same thing in the next yard. Every day, walking with the dog, I saw everything new and new places like this. All of them were still lit by street lamps, and they remained only as a reminder of life before the quarantine. I became interested these strange constructions. They seemed to be surrounded by greenery, and the light falling on them flickered, reflecting on various textures, such as rubber crumb, metal, varnished wood-all this fascinated and beckoned with its radiance.

During the COVID-19 virus-related pandemic, the Moscow government has decided to close all public areas and space. Once filled with children’s games and laughter spaces in one moment turned into quiet, lifeless territories. During the day it was just structures made of metal and plastic, and at night looked mysterious, as if they were hiding some secrets.